IDEM, same as always.

The Covid19 emergency has pushed the fears of us all in a few months, in a suspended time, in which all kinds of developments seemed possible, including the most unlikely ones.


Fantasies of dystopia accompanied our days, leaving us shaken and alone.


We have been forced to rethink our choices and the future we want to build – our common future of humanity and the most trivial everyday behavior. Since the end of the lock down, immediately after the confinement at home, we all feel the need to be able to change our paths and perspectives, faster than fear that is already in the air.


Much has already changed, and every tired, inauthentic repetition clearly reveals its helplessness.


Life needs freedom, truth, beauty. It needs the momentum necessary to imagine the new. And no momentum has power without the awareness of one’s roots.


Therefore, we start again from basics, rediscovering ourselves in the project of our father Aldo, an authentic visionary and a great master of life.

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