Leather is cool: leather takes back the center stage.

Never as fashionable as in summer 2020, skin is cool.


Perhaps it is because of the tie-dye trend that has already infected everyone, or it is because of the desire for love at first sight (the undeniable must-have of the season) which then becomes an ever-green love – an unspeakable truth under the eyes of all is that as durable as leather is only leather, and all the rest is disposable fun, which has become unsustainable for our planet).


Garments, sandals, leather bags are the new cornerstones of effortless elegance that we all need.


A little playful, a bit nostalgic, the new retro trend is the sign of all times: a rediscovery of craftsmanship in a contemporary and non-conformist key, a search for authentic luxury because it is handmade (just like in the fabulous 1960s).


After all, it takes little to be like icons, it is enough to dare.

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